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Welcome to the web page of Kelly Janicello, writer extraordinaire....hahahahahah just kidding. I am lucky to call myself an author. I have penned stories for as long as I can remember. Tales of Gooniesque adventures, teenagers masquerading as astronauts (I was a child of the 80's) and other "books" I wrote inspired by pop culture. Spiral notebooks riddled with words and later on a Smith Corona. Some might ask what is a Smith's a typewriter. Yes folks, a typewriter. Now I can be found with a laptop, on my lap of course, furiously pounding away at the keys. My long nails click click click. The television provides the white noise I love as I get lost inside my own head, until said show distracts me from the task at hand. Then I reach for the play list dubbed Writing. Original, I know but the soundtrack to Grease, a little Fall Out Boy or another choice depending on my mood or the scene. Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around. Feel free to drop a note or a comment, I love to hear from readers. If it weren't for you we writers would only have paper and ink.


Even as a writer I can honestly say I struggle with great difficulty to write something about myself. I know I should say I am absolutely fascinating. The truth is, and don't tell anybody, I'm not all that fascinating but my mind is on a good day. Once upon a time I had aspirations of entering the law enforcement field but life has a way of throwing curve balls. My plans changed and I instead went the corporate route and eventually finished my degree in Criminal Justice. The degree has no bearing on my day job but I find it helpful along with other friends in the field as I create characters, plots and happy endings or not so happy endings for the bad guys in my, yes I am going to say it again, fascinating mind.When I am not writing I read. One day I might actually finish a Jane Austin novel but alas, no Mr. Darcy for me. I enjoy typing directions for the alpha male, the man who will protect his woman at all costs and the heroines who eventually let them. I don't know ladies and gents-- if you're into romantic suspense, there is just something about a man in uniform. Now my men in uniform and the women they love have found a home at Books We Love.


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